Making a film, a program, or a spot is the result of many people’s work. In our company this work is divided into stages.


We start cooperation by signing a cooperation agreement.

We organize a meeting during which we consult the client about the expectations. In such a meeting, we determine the possibilities within the established budget and the effect we will gain.

The next stage is a screenwriting scenario (if necessary). The prepared action plan is waiting for written acceptance of the client.

When we get it, we arrange a shooting plan and we go to the place of the event at a fixed time. In between, the teachers record the text and the musician prepares the background music.

After shooting the film begins another stage … postpraduction.


This is the stage where the end result depends. During editing, we match all components together in accordance with the arrangement and scenario.

The stage is overlapping effects.

The product is prepared for acceptance by the customer, which, according to the contract, imposes amendments within the specified time.